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Handcraft Austrian Crystal Jewelry

Handcraft Austrian Crystal Jewelry

Our Customers can design their own Jewelry! We will work with you and your  design to create your unique and personalized piece of handcraft jewelry.

Customer service is our number one priority. 

We  specialize in Crystal Bead Jewelry made with CRYSTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements..  All our designs are unique and handcrafted. CRYSTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements are the finest Crystal Beads in the world! The  crystal has a 32% lead content which gives it the added brilliance and prismatic qualities compared to other crystal, and their quality control is near perfect in creating flawless and perfectly cut crystals.

Our Handmade Jewelry is made in many styles and for all occasions. Our Crystal Bracelets and Ankle Bracelets are handcrafted in length to your size. We have Child Bracelets for children and babies, Memory Wire Crystal Bracelets for easy once size fits all, Single-Strand Bracelets for the simple and elegant occasions and Multi-Strand Crystal Bracelets for making an impression. Our beautiful Crystal Necklaces range from simple pendants and chokers to Multi-strand Pearl Necklaces. Our Crystal Earrings in our collection come in many colors, and can easily be mix and matched with our Handcraft Crystal Jewelry.

January 2013
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