Bracelet Sizes

Bracelet Sizes

Bracelet Sizes listed here are a guideline. It is always good to measure your wrist for a more accurate fit. Remember to consider whether you would like a tight fitting or loose fitting bracelet. Allowance must also be made for the thickness of the bracelet. Measure your wrist and add 1 to 1.5 inches for a typical fit for adults. Add 1/2 to 3/4 inches for children's bracelets.

Adult Bracelet Sizes


7 inches


7.5 inches


8 inches

Extra Large

8.5 inches

Childrens Bracelet Sizes


4 inches

3-6 Month

4.5 inches

7-12 Month

4.75 inches

12-24 Month

5 inches

2 Years

5.25 inches

3 Years

5.5 inches

4-5 Years

5.75 inches

6-7 Years

6 inches

8-9 Years

6.25 inches

10-11 Years

6.5 inches

12-13 Years

6.75 inches

14 Years to Young Adult

7 inches



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